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Please note! These are all rough estimates on prices from previously completed jobs to help you gauge what the price range might be for the type of service you're looking for. These by no means, are set and locked prices. Each job varies due to complexity, danger, number of items, travel time, etc. 

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Ponderosa Pine Removal

February 8, 2020

Price Range - $900-$1,300

Complete removal of a Ponderosa Pine Tree here in Cedar City. 

The customers wanted it gone for fear of more branches breaking off and damaging their home or neighbors vehicles, as well as this tree was on its way out due to problems with insects for many years.

Broken and Damaged Tree Removal

February 6, 2020

Price Range - $500-$1,000

Don't let this be you. If you have trees that are dead, damaged, or you're just concerned about them, let us come take a look and see what the best option for that tree is.

Chinese Elm Removal

January 30, 2020

Price Range - $4,000-$6,500

Removal of two giant Chinese Elm Trees. Challenging job due to limbs hanging over power lines, the home, and carport.

The owner wanted them gone due to fear of more branches breaking and possibly damaging power lines or the home.


Fruit Tree Pruning

February 28, 2020

Price Range - $75-$200 per tree

Spring time fruit tree pruning is a must. With trees that haven't been kept up or pruned it's important that not too much of the tree is pruned at once. If too much is taken, it'll cause the tree to send water shoots (suckers) all over the place. It's typically a 2-4 year process to get a tree back to normal. Trees that haven't been maintained will cost more to prune. However, if they're kept up and maintained, your price per tree will be lower. 

Overgrown Walnut Tree Thinning

February 17, 2020

Price Range - $500-$900 (for trees this large)

Walnut Trees are similar to your typical fruit tree when it comes to thinning or pruning. It's important not to take too much at a time to avoid water shoots (suckers). Also, Walnut Trees are heavy bleeders after they have been cut, so you want to make sure you have a professional thin or prune them to avoid damaging or killing the tree. It's imperative to remove dead and damaged, crossing, and interior facing branches and limbs.

Storm Damaged Trees

December 16, 2019

Price Range - $300-$3,000+

With storm damaged trees it varies widely on the type(s) of tree(s) damaged and the quantity. That is why it's highly recommended that if you're worried about a tree due to the wind and or snow, give us a call ahead of time so that we can come take a look and assess the best plan of action for that tree. 


Fruit Tree Removal

February 18, 2020

Price Range - $350-$700

The size and complexity of the tree(s) will determine the price, as well the available access to it. This old, rotten apple tree was about to fall over due to severe trunk rot. 

Overgrown Elm Tree 

March 7, 2020

Price Range - $800-$2,000

This tree was a major concern to the home owner with the notorious southern Utah winds and late spring snow storms on the horizon. The large limbs were hanging over the house and the main power line feeding the house. 

Poplar Thinning/Removal

May 5, 2020

Price Range - $2,000-$4,000

These poplars were extremely overgrown. The customer wanted them thinned and a few removed to make room for their pine trees to have room to grow and fill in the spaces between.

We also removed a few large, hazardous limbs that were hanging over their house with the potential to cause a lot of damage if they were to break. 

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Storm Damaged Juniper

Storm Damaged Juniper